Healdsburg’s Spectacular Fall


Growing up in San Francisco I don’t really have memories of a change in the seasons. My friends and I would often joke that we had no idea if it was spring, summer, fall or winter. Cold and foggy in the morning, clear skies for about 2-3 hours, then fog again. Of course I would never complain about those days of amazing San Francisco weather now (especially the fact that I never needed a seasonal change in wardrobe). I did however realize after moving to Healdsburg that I had never experienced a real fall. My first autumn here in Sonoma County I remember walking through Healdsburg and having this feeling of pure happiness. I felt like a kid – kicking the fallen leaves on the ground and looking up to the intense pink clouds at sunset. The rolling vineyards turned shades of orange, red and yellow that I had never seen before.

I have now called Healdsburg home for 7 years and each fall I am still overwhelmed by it’s beauty. My office is Madrona Manor which puts on its own fantastic fall color show and has glorious views of the changing vineyards next door. The wineries are a buzz with their grape harvesting, there are bountiful farmers markets every day of the week and festivals galore! There is a reason why Wine Road calls this area “Heaven Condensed”.

–J. Young, Special Event Coordinator @ Madrona Manor

(top photo by: Healdsburg Institute)

Vineyards in the fall- photo by: Russian River Wine Growers

Matheson Street in Healdsburg, Ca.

Healdsburg Vineyard Sunset- Photo by: John Annesley

Photo by Derrick Story

Fall Leaves at Madrona Manor

Fall Leaves at a vineyard near Madrona Manor